New Messaging Campaign Unveiled at Fighting Bob Fest

You are invited to visit us at Fighting Bob Fest 2013 this weekend, where we are unveiling the Wisconsin Progressive Freedom Campaign…

“We CAN win the messaging war!” 

Forward Institute is spearheading a new, collaborative effort with progressive organizations and grassroots groups to take back Freedom for Progressives.

“What is this campaign all about?”

            The Wisconsin Progressive Freedom Campaign (WPFC) is a broad effort that has no precedent in Wisconsin or the US. For decades, progressives have been mere observers as conservatives have dominated messaging and communications on politics and policy. Through the WPFC, we will counter that dominance, and reclaim a value that has always represented progressives – Freedom. 

“Who is involved?”

Forward Institute is partnering with progressive organizations, individuals, and statewide grassroots organizations to create a long-term, multi-pronged structure for communications and values-based messaging on progressive issues. Consulting is Cognitive Science and Messaging expert George Lakoff from the University of California-Berkeley.

“How will it work?”

WPFC creates a four-pronged structure to address significant needs in progressive policy messaging and communications. Each will serve internal and external needs for partner organizations and all progressives statewide:

1. “Framers and Trainers” – Core group trained as messaging experts and trainers for work with grassroots and policy organizations statewide.

2. “Research” – Unique capacity to conduct independent, academic quality research on progressive policy issues to ensure accurate, authentic messaging. Also serves as resource for grassroots groups without research capacity.

3.”Strategic Communications/Booking Agents” – Creates capacity through multiple media formats to disseminate values-based messaging. This segment works to educate key media in progressive values policy language. Assemble and train issue experts on progressive values language for media appearances and contact.

4. “Social Forums/Donor Development” – Creates and plans social event forums with featured speakers to engage the public on progressive values and issues. Engages donor development through direct interaction with the WPFC, potential donors, research, and messaging on policy issues.

“How can I help?”

1. Donate to our secure pay pal account below to support this critical and progressive effort. Forward Institute is a 501(c)(3) organization.

2. Follow Forward Institute to stay informed about this important campaign, and check our website often – look for the “Wisconsin Progressive Freedom Campaign” tab.

3. Email us to get involved with the Wisconsin Progressive Freedom Campaign:   

4. Visit us at Fighting Bob Fest to get more information!

Through a collaborative, consistent, authentic, and values-based messaging campaign – we WILL reclaim FREEDOM for PROGRESSIVES!

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A New Way of Messaging

The Forward Institute is going to change the way public policy messaging and strategy in Wisconsin is developed. The Wisconsin Retirement System is a current issue we are developing research and messaging around. The facts come first. Unlike some “think tanks,” we don’t create the message and cherry pick the facts to suit our informational campaigns. We don’t consider the media to be a source, unlike some other “think tanks,” unless it is a noted expert that can be sourced back to original material.

Forward Institute draws on factual information and data to build a messaging framework that people will understand and relate to. Background research and sources can be found on the “Research” page. These are issues that directly affect everyone in “Our Wisconsin.” For example, the promise of security after a lifetime of service.

Wisconsin’s public employers help workers save for retirement by deferring part of their compensation to a retirement fund. When you choose a career in the public sector, you understand that your wages will remain modest. But you get a promise in return—that the money taken out of your paycheck will be there when you retire. You deserve the income you were promised to meet your needs?  In our Wisconsin, we don’t break our promises. We honor dedication, honesty and fairness.

Our Wisconsin Pension system is sound, and responsibly managed. Wisconsin’s pension fund is uniquely designed for stability. The risks and rewards of fund investments are shared between employees, retirees and taxpayers, with taxpayers bearing only 25% of the risk.  For the past four years, retired public employees have gotten less and employees now pay more.  The Walker administration’s own study concluded that changing the system could raise costs for everyone.  We don’t need higher brokerage fees and more fund administrators. Our state retirement system is working—for everyone.

Our Wisconsin Pension system should be available to all – to strengthen the system, lower the risk, and continue to strengthen investment in Wisconsin. Unlike private investment companies, our pension fund commits to investing in Wisconsin companies, ranging from start-ups to those employing 20 or more—to the tune of $12 billion in 2010.  Jobs are also created by retiree spending. Each dollar invested by taxpayers provides $6.22 in economic activity—a ripple effect that supported more than 35,000 jobs in 2010—the difference between an unemployment rate of 8.5% and 9.6%.  Why ship our money to Wall Street brokers?  Our communities suffer when we spend less. In our Wisconsin, what’s earned in Wisconsin, stays in Wisconsin.

Sources can be found on our Research page. Comments are welcome!