George Lakoff in Madison Information

George Lakoff

The Forward Institute and the Wisconsin Freedom Campaign are pleased to announce that we are able to bring world renowned author and cognitive science pioneer George Lakoff to Madison, Wisconsin from March 21 – March 25. The full public itinerary is below with contact information.


George Lakoff is the country’s leading expert on the framing of political discourse. His books on politics include the best selling “Don’t Think of an Elephant!,” “The Political Mind,” “Moral Politics,” “Thinking Points“, and “Whose Freedom?

Professor Lakoff helps progressive citizens’ groups, activists, and policy makers think through their values and general principles, strategically formulate their policies, and effectively frame the full gamut of issues to express their deepest beliefs more effectively.

One of the world’s most renowned linguists, he is Richard and Rhoda Goldman Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at the University of California at Berkeley, where he has taught since 1972. Before that, he taught at Harvard and the University of Michigan, and was a Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford.

Professor Lakoff is a founder of the fields of Cognitive Science and Cognitive Linguistics. He has published hundreds of technical articles, as well as books on Linguistics, Politics, Psychology, Poetics, Philosophy, and Mathematics. He specializes in the study of the mind and language, and has published the following books in that area: Metaphors We Live By (with Mark Johnson)Women, Fire, and Dangerous ThingsMore than Cool Reason (with Mark Turner)Philosophy in the Flesh (with Mark Johnson); and Where Mathematics Comes From (with Rafael Núñez). 

For over two decades, he was Co-Director of the Neural Theory of Language Project at the International Computer Science Institute at Berkeley. His current technical research is on the theory of how the neural circuitry of the brain gives rise to thought and language.

Madison Itinerary

There are many opportunities for the public to hear and interact with George Lakoff during his Madison trip. The following are open to the public:

 Saturday, March 22

Wisconsin Grassroots Festival: 8:30 am (doors open) – 4:15 pm

Wisconsin Heights High School – Mazomanie, WI
10173 US 14
Mazomanie, WI 53560

George Lakoff is the keynote speaker and will lead two breakout sessions – Advance registration available at

Dinner with George Lakoff: 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

The Old Feed Mill Restaurant
114 Cramer St
Mazomanie, WI 53560

Reservations are required and seating is limited at $30 per person. Advance reservations available:

Sunday, March 23

Lecture/Workshop – “Reclaiming and Reframing the Three E’s – Economics, Education, Environment”: 1:30pm

Pyle Center, UW-Madison, 702 Langdon Street Madison, WI 53706-1420

Madison Reception for George Lakoff: 7:00 pm

Heritage Tavern, 131 East Mifflin St., Madison, WI

(corner of Mifflin and Webster, off the square)

Hosted by the Forward Institute with special guests including State Representative Chris Taylor. Seating is very limited, $150 includes an intimate gathering with George Lakoff,  food, wine, tax and gratuity. Reservations and advance payment are required for this once-in-a-lifetime event. Reservations can be arranged here: 

Monday, March 24

Special Guest Lecture, University of Wisconsin – Madison, Sponsored by the Havens Center: 7:00 pm

“Neural Politics: Cognitive and Material Power”

UW Memorial Union (see “Today in the Union” for room announcement)

This is Professor Lakoff’s first lecture on the UW – Madison campus, and is free and open to the public. Contact the Havens Center for additional information:

George Lakoff’s visit to Madison is co-sponsored by the Forward Institute, Inc., Wisconsin Freedom Campaign partner organizations (Wisconsin Grassroots Network, Institute for Wisconsin’s Future, MTI, MTEA, United Wisconsin, Midwest Environmental Advocates, WEAC, The Progressive Magazine, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign), and the Havens Center at UW – Madison.

For additional information:

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