Media coverage of “Habitual Truancy and School Report Cards in Milwaukee” February 2014:

WKOW – TV 27, Madison: Study concludes WI Charter Schools are doing better because of students they select. 

The Progressive Magazine: Charter Schools polish their image by cherry picking students

WORT – FM, Madison: 8 o’clock buzz with Jan Miyasaki (interview starts at 52 minute mark)

The Wheeler Report: February 7, 2014 (Education heading)

WisPolitics: Press Release February 7, 2014

Wisconsin Soap Box blog: Habitual Truancy in MPS Study

Media coverage of “Wisconsin Budget Policy and Poverty in Education” May 2013:

WBAY – TV 2, Green Bay: Public Policy Group Releases Study Finding Voucher Program Ineffective

WXOW – TV 19 La Crosse: Forward Institute Wants to End Voucher Program

WKOW – TV 27, Madison: Forward Institute Wants to End Voucher Program

WAOW – TV 9, Wausau: Forward Institute Wants to End Voucher Program

WQOW – TV 18, Eau Claire: Forward Institute Wants to End Voucher Program

Wisconsin Public Radio: Study Finds Wisconsin Schools With Higher Poverty Rates Face Higher Cuts

Diane Ravitch: How Wisconsin’s Government is Cheating the State’s Children and Public Schools

The Progressive: Scott Walker’s Sneaky School Voucher Plan

Wisconsin Eye: Madison Press Conference Full Coverage

The Shepherd Express, Milwaukee: Wisconsin may be Violating a Child’s Constitutional Right to an Education

Sly on WEKZ Radio 93.7: In Studio – Scott Wittkopf of Forward Institute, Senator Dale Schultz Breaks Some News 

Wisconsin Grassroots Network:


Network for Public Education:

Green Bay Public School District:

Labor and Education Insights blog, Missouri Education Association:

Madison Teachers Inc.:

The Apollo Report:


Education Law Center, Molly A. Hunter, Esq.: “This Forward Institute study thoroughly documents the ways current state policies are shortchanging so many Wisconsin students by denying them basic educational resources they need. The study also explains how the governor’s proposed budget for the next two years would worsen this situation and spend more taxpayer dollars to expand the state’s failed voucher experiment.”

Wisconsin State Senator Dave Hansen: “The link between family income and a child’s academic success is well documented.  High rates of poverty create significant challenges for the children, their teachers and schools.  The answer to helping these children obtain academic success is not to take precious resources away from our public schools and give them to unaccountable voucher schools, but to address the causes of poverty in the first place.”

Wisconsin State Senator Jennifer Shilling:

(See also Wisconsin State Senator Dale Schultz’s interview above on Sly, WEKZ-Radio 93.7FM; and Wisconsin Eye video of Madison Press Conference for State Reps. Sondy Pope, Melissa Sargent, and Fred Clark)


MacIver Institute:

Jim Bender, School Choice Wisconsin Statement:


Media coverage of 2012 Wisconsin DPI School Report Card Study:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Poverty less damaging to public schools’ scores than charters’, report finds

Wisconsin Radio Network Audio: Wisconsin Report Card Study 2012

Wisconsin Radio Network Website: Study links school performance with student poverty

WKOW-TV 27, Madison Video: Poverty more damaging to charter schools

Diane Ravitch blog: Wisconsin Study: Report Cards Favor Advantaged, Publics Outperform Charters

WEAC: New study links poverty, school report card scores

Racine Journal Times: Commentary — Strengthen public schools by meeting students’ needs

WSAU, Wausau: Study links school performance, poverty

WorldNow: Poverty affects student report cards

Education Research Report, Jonathan Kantrowitz: Among low-income schools, traditional public schools show higher achievement scores than charters

WIXX, Fox Valley: Study links school performance, poverty

WTMJ Radio, Charlie Sykes: A Dead Treet Hit Job On Charter Schools

WPRI, Mike Ford: About that New Charter Study

Green Bay Area Public Schools Data and Assessment Blog: State think tanks are beginning to digest and spin new state report cards

Burlington Area Progressives Blog: Student Achievement – It’s the Poverty Stupid!

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