Forward Institute research documentation for its messaging strategies will continue to be updated on the “Research” page. Recent updates are included on Education, Wisconsin Retirement System, and Election Day Registration policies.

Education Research

May, 2013“Wisconsin Budget Policy and Poverty in Education”

The raw data spreadsheets can be accessed at the following links:

2011-12 Report Card Study data

Charter – Public Report Card Data

Complete Math Data

Complete Reading Data

Complete Science Data

Complete test scores grade 10 2002-2011

District Level Report Card Data


Free Reduced Lunch Data

Report card SAS output 1

Revenue_Per_Member (1)


Test Scores 2002-2012 graphed

Press Brief available here: Wisconsin Budget Policy and Poverty Study Press Summary


The Forward Institute review of the School Choice Demonstration Project’s updated study on Milwaukee Voucher program student attainment is now available. The study is a revised version of the February 2012 published study, and appeared in the Policy Studies Journal February 2013 edition. The full analysis can be found at this link:

 MPCP Attainment Study Analysis

A Press brief is available at this link:

Voucher study analysis press release


Wisconsin Retirement System

Forward Institute is working with a bi-partisan coalition on expansion of the Wisconsin Retirement System to afford access to private employers and employees. Our “WRS Policy Statement” can be found at the following link:

Wisconsin Retirement System Policy Statement

We also have a media statement available at the following link:

Wisconsin Retirement System Media Statement

Election Day Registration

Forward Institute is working with a broad coalition in support of voter registration modernization in Wisconsin.

Follow this link to our Election Day Registration Policy Memo

Follow this link to a Power Point presentation on Wisconsin Election History

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